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Healthy Hair Growth, younger looking skin, stronger nails
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About supplements for hair growth

Does Inner Vita Hair Vitamin Formula and Hair Protein formula reduce Excessive Hair Loss?

Yes.  These formulas when used together have been proven to reduce excessive hair loss for over 20 years.  They provide all the necessary nutrients in the form of vitamins, amino acids and minerals that hair requires for optimum growth.   Although today's modern diet includes some to these vitamins, amino acids and minerals, it does not provide these in sufficient amounts to produce healthy, strong hair.   Our scientifically proven formulas provide all of  these vital nutrients in optimum quantities for faster growing, stronger, healthy hair that is less likely to fall out prematurely due inadequate nutrient intake.

Do these formulas grow hair?

Our formulas are NOT designed to grow new hair where there was none.   They are formulated to make the hair that grows to be thicker, healthier, stronger and more alive among currently active hair follicles.  Our formulas will make you existing hair grow faster due to the high Biotin content.  See the Supplement Facts for details.

Are your formulas safe to use?

Our formulas are 100% natural and are very safe to use.  They have been used by thousands of people with no reported side effects.   Our formulas do not use herbs which may cause side effects and allergic reactions.

Can I use your formulas if I am currently using a Topical solution such as Rogaine or Minoxidil?

Yes.  Our products provide nutritional benefits for the new hair which may appear due to the usage of these other topical solutions.  However if you discontinue using these other products, you may lose the strains of hair that grew as a result of using these other topical solutions.

What kind of results can I expect from using your Hair Vitamin Formula and Hair Protein Formula?

These formulas can deliver healthier, stronger hair which grows faster than it did before using the formulas.  This can help make your hair more manageable and more versatile to style.  Many users have reported their hair growing twice as fast with regular daily use.   Typically, you can expect to see results after 2 to 4 weeks of use.  Results may vary from person to person, but most people who try our formulas are very happy using them.

Where are your Formulas manufactured and how long have you been manufacturing?

All of our supplements are manufactured and made in USA in our facilities located in pristine Northwest where nature is the basis of life for many generations.  Our Manufacturing faciflities are family owned and operated by professionals who have been in the business of alternative medicine and nutritional supplements for over 20 years.  Our customers come First .  Customer satisfaction and service is our number 1 priority and the basis of our business.   We value our customers and we provide the highest quality supplements at best prices made from the best All natural ingredients available.

We require a Certificate of Analysis for each ingredient that enters our doors ensuring purity, potency and freshness.  We use only current Good Manufacturing Process (cGMP) certified processing equipment in our FDA registered and inspected facility.

What is SODiszyme and how does it work?

SODiszyme is a supplement which contains enzymes, those amazing proteins which control biochemical reactions.  These enzymes act as anti-oxidants neutralizing damaging free radicals which destroy cells.  Destruction of skin cells in large numbers by metabolic processes are one of the signs of aging.  SODiszyme has similar effects and results to that of eating a decent portion of liver every day.  SODiszyme helps your skin look younger.

How can SODiszyme help me and is it for me?

If you want to enjoy the benefits of eating liver on a daily basis to help you look younger and make your skin feel elastic, smooth like that of a baby then SODiszyme is for you.  If you hate the taste of liver, but want to look more youthful then this is the product for you.  If you have dried out, parched skin from too much sun or just skin looking bad from a lot of stress in your daily life or routine, then there will be benefits to using SODiszyme daily.

Is SODiszyme safe to use on a daily basis?

Yes.  This is an 100% all natural enzyme supplement being used by knowledgable people fighting the aging process and looking younger than their years.

What have other people reported from the use of SODiszyme?

Some users in their middle ages (late 30's, 40's and 50's) have reported their friends telling them they look 10 to 15 years younger than their age and they havent aged one bit and they are looking younger and younger.  Users say  that their skin feels soft, elastic and smooth.  In many cases, this supplement worked as good on their faces as some expensive skin cremes which also use the same magic ingredients.  See the testimonials on the SODiszyme page for more details.  Although how young you look may vary from person to person, all users of  SODiszyme are very happy to have found this truly amazing supplement and are happy using this supplement.

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