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Shopping Cart Help Tips

Please Follow the instructions below carefully and take your time filling the forms properly.  Make sure all fields marked with asterisks are filled in.   We refer to the shopping cart as a shopping basket on this web site.


You can order a product by either:  Clicking on the Product Photo you see in the right column under Specials (this will display the one product on a page)  OR
clicking on the Quick Product Descriptions link on Home Page OR
clicking on Products in left column navigation.

These last 2 options will show you all available products in this store on one page.  The first option will show you the 1 product you clicked on the page.   All of these will get you to a page which contains orange colored buttons towards the bottom of  the page.  If you dont see the orange buttons you may need to scroll down.

Click on Orange oval button labeled Add to Cart. .  This puts the item into the shopping basket just as you would in a regular supermarket.   The shopping basket is displayed in the right column towards the top.  It will show you the number of items you have ordered and the running total amount of the items in the basket.   Repeat this step for each item you would like to purchase.  Please be aware that the products which appear under the heading Specials in the Right most column are not necessarily in your shopping basket .   They are there to make it easier to jump into a product page which gives you the capability to purchase the product you like wherever you are on the web site. The shopping basket or shopping cart appears between the white lines above and below the section when working with Internet Explorer 7.0.  You may not see the white lines when working with other versions of the browsers.

After you have selected the items you would like, you will want to see whats in your cart by clicking on View Cart which displays a Review Cart page.  This page shows what items you ordered so far. On this page you make modifications to the shopping cart contents.   To make changes to a particular item you must click inside small checkbox next to the item you wish to adjust.   You may an remove item at this point or change the quantity.  If you like what you see on the screen you may continue to the next step.

If you wish to order more items click  Continue Shopping.This will display all of the Products in the store. 

When you are ready to go to the checkout counter  like in the supermarket, you click on the Checkout. button for Electronic Store checkout or Check out link in the Shopping Basket section in the right column.   Either of these will bring you to the Checkout page or checkout line in the supermarket.

You will then enter all the Necessary Ship To address information.  You dont need to enter the Other labelled fields unless you need to key in another state or Country which is not listed in the Drop Down lists. (the boxes which have an upside down triangle in them)

Then you enter the Bill To address information if it is different than the Shipping information.   If the Bill to address is the same as the Shipping address just check the Box by clicking on the little square box next to Same as Ship To field.   Make Sure to either check the little box OR key in the BIlling Address.  If you fail to do this, your order will rejected by the CC payment processing system.  If you key in a Billing Address different than your Credit Card statement mailing address, your order will be rejected.  

Make sure to key in the CVV(II) Code.  It's the 3 digit code on the back of your Credit Card.  Clicking on What is this? shows you a snapshot of the location.   IF you fail to do this you will get warning to correct this.  If you fail to do this, your order will not be accepted by the CC payment processing system.   You can not fake out the system for this field.   You need to have your credit card in front of you to you can refer to it.   Your Credit Card statement is not enough.   This security measure is for your protection and ours.

If the shopping cart displays error(s) to correct, correct the fields which are wrong ON THE SAME PAGE the error message(s) appear.  Then click Update button, then the Next button or just the click if you don't need to see the changes you made on the screen.  The end effect will be the same and either way is OK.

Always use the Orange colored buttons whenever possible.  AVOID using back arrow button when Orange  buttons  appear on the bottom of the screen.  Any errors or warnings will appear on the upper half of the screen  indicating which fields need to be corrected before proceeding to the next screen.   Trying to move off the page backwards or forwards without correcting the errors may cause additional errors to appear such as duplicate transactions errors.   The system will check for duplicate orders and will only process one order for payment processing.

To find out where you are in the process, the page heading shows the 4 primary stages at the top of the form.  The phase or stage is indicated in bold.

At the end of the entire process you will get a confirmation page which you may print for your records.  

If you run into trouble please contact us either by phone or send an e-mail we will assist you with help on keying in your order.  See our Contact Us page for details.

Print out this page as an additional reference if you are not familiar with our shopping cart before you start the payment or ordering process.
Instructions appear to guide you on some of the pages during the process.

You may always use our Order tracking link on our Home page to check the status of your order the next day if you wish, otherwise you can assume its being processed and will be shipped as soon as possible according to the guidelines stated on our web site.

Thank You
Inner Vita Staff

We hope this information will make your shopping experience on the internet more successful, enjoyable and pleasant.   

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