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Travel Containers and Cases
Travel Pouch Brown Pencil Case

Travel Pouch Brown Pencil Case

Travel Pouch Brown Pencil Case
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Travel Pouch - Pencil Case great for electric shaver, makeup, pencils, cosmetics, fragrance, perfume, pens, magic markers, highlighters, keys, contact lense cases, contact lens solutions, nail clippers, face - hand cremes, toothpaste, brush, personal hygiene, two 7 Day Pill box cases, 2 bottles of InnerVita dietary supplements and many other household items. Soft suede leather like look and feel lightweight pouch, This fabric pouch is two tone, tan and dark brown color with Elegant highlighted stitching, Velcro flap with zipper lock side panel in front, zipper lock on top, Velcro rear compartment in the back. Finished inside with Nylon lining making a finished product which is durable and wears well.

These stylish in fashion pouches are a great gift for yourself for domestic travel, international travel or commuting to
work or travel to work. This Travel Pouch - Pencil Case makes a great gifts for any occasion: whether it be birthday, Christmas, names day or any other special occasion. Get Organized with Travel Pouch - Loft Collection Pencil Case today. Quantities of this fine pouch are limited so order today while quantities last.

Approximate Dimensions: Length 7 1/2" x Width 2 3/4" x Height: 3"
7.5" L x Width: 2.75" W x Height: 3" H
Metric: L: 18.5cm x W: 7cm x H: 7.5cm
Travel Pouch Pencil Case RearTravel Pouch Pencil Case Front Open Flap
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