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Hair Loss Causes

Most people lose an average of 40 to 70 hair strands each day. Most of us are unaware that we are losing those hair strands. If your hair is healthy and you come from good genetic (hair) stock, what was lost will eventually be replaced and the loss will not be noticeable. Hair loss (and damage to the hair) has become a topic of discussion in society today (mostly because of hype in the media). But the obsession with hair loss and the damage to hair, and the fact that it is occurring so frequently has become a prevalent problem for both the male and female adults alike. Most of us know why damage to hair occurs, for the most part it is abuse and the rest well is nutritional, or the lack of nutrition.

There are many theories as to why hair loss or thinning hair occurs. Most theories revolve around a lack of what makes hair stay where it is supposed to; and that is a shortage or over abundance of ‘something’ in the system. Hair loss is primarily thought to be caused by genetics and hormones, or hormone by-products. What ever causes this hair loss or thinning hair, or what ever is causing the damaged ‘dry look’ or the ’lifeless hair look’ you need to do something to help the body deal with the condition.

For most men (and some women) who are losing their hair, the answer is genetic, right? Surprisingly, most physicians do not bring to light an additional factor when it comes to losing your hair that is -- the nutritional component -- which is often neglected.  It may seem complex.  Even if you are getting the right amount of any one nutrient you may still have the ‘genetic predisposition’ that does not allow you to utilize it in an efficient manner.  And even nutrient deficiencies can cause the inability of the body to utilize other nutrients the way it is suppose to, one thing feeds off another. This is the reason why taking thinning hair supplements like Inner Vita Hair Vitamin Formula and Inner Vita Hair Protein Formula can make all the difference in the world!

During gestation in the womb in the genetic coding process, it is determined as to the stage of when you will begin to loose your hair. This also includes how your body will handle nutrition in general to help support those golden locks. In most men though, the main ‘known’ cause of hair loss is how the body handles testosterone. In men and women testosterone is converted into dihydrotestosterone (DHT), and if your follicles are genetically sensitive to this by-product, the follicle will loose its ability to grow hair after it looses what it already has. Unfortunately consumers waste millions of dollars every year on shampoos and other phony non-FDA approved products to try and stop this process. 
Although medical science is still searching for a complete understanding of the biochemical processes that occur within our hair follicles, it is a known fact that when you supply the proper nutrients in the proper amounts to strengthen hair -- it slows hair loss,  making existing hair grow stronger and better.  These nutrients can also help the body to utilize and metabolize certain hormones more effectively.  Dramatic decreases in hair loss have been observed when there is sufficient nutritional intake in the proper proportions and forms.

The more testosterone your body produces and the more DHT that is derived from that production, and the faster you will loose your hair (if you are genetically so inclined). Other factors that lead to early hair loss or hair thinning include:

Stress Factor - Excessive anxiety, a sudden shock or physical stress from surgery or chemotherapy may also cause hair loss. This may include a lengthy or severe illness. In the case of a lengthy illness, the general condition of the hair may indicate your overall poor state of health.  Remember the Hair, Skin and Nails are the last in line to receive nutrients after all other vital organs and systems have been satisfied. 

Nutritional Imbalance Factor - A vitamin and protein deficient diet provides inadequate nutrients for the scalp, thus affecting hair growth. For example, crash diets often cause excessive hair loss. It is essential that you have a well balanced diet, and take a supplement to assist your busy life style. Those in the scientific (and non scientific) community who understand how important nutrition is in every aspect of our daily lives also know that taking an all natural supplements such as: Inner Vita Hair Vitamin Formula 
and Inner Vita Hair Protein Formula together can be very beneficial in satisfying any shortages or nutritional deficiencies which may exist.

Birth Control Pill Factor - Birth Control Pills Causes Female Hair Loss - Women, at younger stages of their lives, can experience female hair loss resulting from birth control pill usage. The effect of female hair loss seems to be greater if the women already have family history of baldness. The hormonal changes brought on by birth control pills can cause the onset of Androgenic alopecia (male pattern baldness). The pill can also cause nutritional imbalances and mood swings because of this deficit.

Pregnancy Factor – It’s common for women just finishing pregnancy to experience female baldness. Usually after two to three months after giving birth, a woman will notice a moderate to large amount of hair loss from combing or brushing. Causes of female hair loss like this can be attributed by further hormonal changes that happen to a woman as she recovers from the pregnancy.

Externally Caused Damage Factor- Washing your hair with a shampoo that is too strong, or constantly dying the hair can gradually strip it of its natural oils which protect it and lead to hair loss. In some cases, hair preparations and shampoos can also cause allergic reactions.  Using a shampoo without the use of a volumizing conditioner to put moisture back in can leave hair in a damaged state.

Insufficient Scalp Massage Factor- Failure to Brush or comb your hair can cause weak hair.   Proper scalp circulation by combing and brushing your hair daily about 100 strokes throughout the day help stimulate blood circulation throught the scalp and help provide the hair follicles with nutrition or nutrients which are essential to proper hair growth and hair health.  Be sure to use combs which have rounded ends and brushes which are not too stiff and not too soft to get the right amount of stimulation without damaging the scalp skin which is quite thin on the top of your head.  Avoid using very stiff brushes as these can damage the scalp and hair follicles.   Brushing in various directions other than the same one is also helpful as this strengthens the hair shafts.

Age Related Hair Loss Factor - As we age imbalances in hormones become more prevalent.  In women this is especially a factor because as menopause hits and the production of estrogen decreases, the normal balance of hormones becomes imbalanced. This affects some women more  than others, and again genetics and nutrition can be factors.

Benefits of InnerVita Hair and Protein formulas:

  • Helps prevent and or reduce hair loss or hair thinning
  • Helps reduce nutrient deficiencies specifically related to hair loss or thinning hair
  • Helps reduce stress effect, which has been directly tied to hair loss or hair thinning

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