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About Hair Loss Solutions

 Hair tip essentials for hair growth

 Crash diets often cause excessive hair loss. It is imperative that you have a well balanced diet and take supplements to assist your busy and hectic life style.All of the products and treatments in the world aren't going to help if you're not nourishing the rest of the body that's connected to your scalp. You need to change your mindset: think of baldness as something that can be affected by a poor diet.  Eating junk foods day in and day out will negatively affect your health over the long term and affect that way you look and feel.  Do yourself a favor and eat nutritious food and take a good supplement to ensure you are getting the proper nutrients in the right amounts so you can feel great and look great.  Along with stress, toxins in the environment, excessive exposure to the sun, cigarette smoke (actively or passively inhaled), excess alcohol consumption and lack of sleep sometimes makes our bodies work overtime to maintain a standard of marginal health - not optimal state of being. If you are smoking, you need to stop this bad habit!

Your hair will thank you many times over.   Smoking causes your capillaries to contract so less blood can get through to your hair follicles. Less blood means fewer nutrients for healthy hair growth.   You know what that means:  anemic hair that’s lifeless.


Stop Hair Loss Tips with natural hair loss solutions

Men in particular come to the realization that becoming bald may be a fact of life.  Women on the hand may experience hair thinning in their latter years due to hormonal changes.  However this doesn't have to be the case. There are many options available which may help prevent hair loss and stimulate new hair growth. This can all be done all naturally without the use of chemicals or medications.


What you eat is so important. Many times the overall health of a person is reflected in the state of their hair and scalp. Below are a few simple things you can do to ensure healthy hair through diet:

  • Balance diet: Fruits and vegetables are important here. Be sure to not eat too much junk food.
  • Eat foods that are rich in antioxidants: These will help your hair grow quicker by strengthening the follicles.  Kale is very good, tasty and rich in nutrients.
  • Eat foods that contain Omega 3 fatty acids: These help reduce swelling in the scalp. They also increase blood flow to the hair follicles.   Fish such a baked salmon or tuna are an excellent source of these great fish oils.  Eating garden tuna or garden salmon salad (no mayo) often will greatly improve your overall energy level and your general hair health.  You will feel less tired and your hair will improve.  You will notice the difference
  • To ensure you are getting the proper amount of essential vitamins, proteins and minerals use Inner Vita Hair Vitamin Formula and Inner Vita Hair Protein Formula.

Scalp Care and Hair Maintenance

While diet and hair nourishment play a role in growing healthy hair quickly, there are some other simple things you can do to help grow the head of hair you've always wanted.  The tips which follow will help keep your hair on your scalp and will help keep it in a healthy state:
  • Scalp massage: This should be done on a daily basis.  Brushing your hair daily stimulate your scalp.  It increases blood flow to the scalp which promotes hair growth.
  • Hair styles for women: Stay away from ponytails or tight hair clips. Not only can these hair styles damage your hair, but your scalp can become irritated as well.
  • Excessive heat: The heat produced by common hair styling tools such as; blow dryers and curling irons can damage your hair. Not only will your hair become brittle, they can also break.  Avoid blow drying your hair or minimize the use of blow dryer whenever possible.   This will improve the condition of your hair over the long term.
  • Excessive washing: Shampoos containing harsh chemicals can dry out your hair. Even if you use a moisturizing shampoo, it's advised to stay away from washing your hair too often.  Use of gentler shampoos such as baby shampoos is recommended over regular shampoos.


            It’s a good idea to walk every day or at least every other day for at least 20 minutes to a half an hour at a minimum.  More is better.  When you exercise, you get more blood circulation and more blood goes to your scalp and your hair.  Your hair gets more oxygen and nutrition than if you were not exercising.  If you don’t like to walk, then ride a bicycle for a half hour to 1 hour every day or every other day. If this is not possible, then exercise outside and ride the bike on the weekends.   You will feel better and your hair will do better and feel more alive. If this is not possible, then the gym may be an alternative.   Swimming or any kind of exercise is better then none.  An active lifestyle is the healthier way to go.  Your body needs sunshine to stay in good health.  You should be outside for at least 1 hour daily 2 hours is better if possible.   Getting fresh air and oxygen will make you feel better.  When you are outside and the sun is out, your body gets Vitamin D from the sun which is very important for overall good health and well being.


Get enough rest every day when you sleep.  It’s a good idea to leave the window open at least an inch or two in your bedroom to ensure you get enough oxygen in your body while you sleep, you will feel better in the morning.  If its warm enough open the window half way or all the way.  You will feel better.  Remember the air inside the house is not as good as the fresh air outside the house usually because as breathe we exhale carbon dioxide.   The dry heated air inside homes especially in the winter time as well a exhausts from computer running is bad for you.  Its a good idea to open the windows for a period of time once in a while to get some fresh air in to the premises to compensate for the harsh cold winter conditions.  The periodic use of air cleaners and humidifiers may be a good idea during the the winter in colder climates.


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