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Healthy Hair Growth, younger looking skin, stronger nails
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About Us

Inner Vita was founded to bring safe, effective, proven healthy hair and skin care formulas which bring value and many benefits to the health conscious educated consumer who has concerns about their health and the way they look and feel.  We believe a healthy lifestyle contribes greatly to healthier looking you.  Our healthy hair and skin formulas use high quality ingredients.  All of our Dietary Supplements are made in U.S.A., manufactured in our facilities located in pristine Northwest where nature is the basis of life.  Our Manufacturing faciflities are family owned and operated by professionals who have been in the business of alternative medicine and nutritional supplements for over 20 years.

Our dietary supplements are 100% natural and safe with no additives or fillers which can harm you.  No synthetic vitamins are used in our healthy hair and skin formulas.

We strive to be a trust-worthy reliable source for your health care needs.  We look forward to serving your health care needs and hearing from you.   Customer satisfaction and service is our number 1 priority and the basis of our business.   We value our customers and aim to  provide high quality supplements at a competitive fair price.  If you have any questions, you may contact us via e-mail or by phone. 


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